Proud mommy

There is an absolute true in every parent life: the love for our kids. And sometimes everyday life overwhelm us and does not allow us to enjoy the special moments.

Tonight I was putting my kids to bed with my husband and I noticed something really beautiful. Even when they are asleep they reach for each other. They share the same room and sometime ago I tried to separate their beds and it was useless. In the morning after, their beds were together again.

Tonight I understood why. My M. showed me her sleeping sister’s harm reaching for her. “- Look mummy, this is not my hand, it’s too small.” 

And then I felt an immense joy, pride and love for the beautiful family we have.

We are so blessed.

Of course they have their not so good moments, they are sister’s. Yesterday, for example I thought I was in a maniacs’ house because​ of the screaming and shouting. They are use to share at least between them almost everything. But each other interests and personality are so different that I honestly do not know how they get along so well. But they do, and I feel really proud.

I honestly am a very very very proud mummy of two wonderful kids.